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Stakeholder consultation processes

Stakeholders nowadays expect engagement, transparency, due diligence and responsible action. I guide organisations and boards in striking the right balance between consultation, leadership and decision-making, using structured surveys, interviews and interactive workshop and facilitation techniques.

Strategy development and change

Developing strategy requires vision, scenario development, and a structured process with informed dialogue and interaction. I offer tailor-made strategy processes using a combination of tools, process steps and facilitation to help your organisation stay focused and make informed decisions.

Quality assurance and standard setting

An increasing number of social enterprises and standard setting organisations offer new types of value propositions that guide consumer behavior and define value chains. I specialise in combining standard setting, quality assurance, governance and impartiality, ensuring they translate into overall performance.

Capacity development and team structures

You need to ensure that your organisation stays relevant and is able to perform in a changing environment. I can help you identify the essential capacities required for the future, and how to readjust your team structures for optimal performance, balancing flexibility with accountability.

Core Consulting Areas