Making a difference that sticks

Every organisation is different, with its own history, highs and lows. This has made it into what it is today. To address tomorrow's challenges requires a dual look at what is immediately visible, as well as the undercurrents that together create the overall organisation outlook and identity.

I offer tailor-made coaching and consulting support to meet your personal and organisational strategic needs, to uncover unrealised potential, to make visible recurring and perhaps not yet fully recognised obstacles that may hold you back. This results in a clear process with well-defined and collectively owned outcomes leading you forward.

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Thomas Lewinsky has worked with LWF World Service in a number of processes related to strategy development, both at a global level and in some of our country programmes. As a facilitator he is competent, innovative, good-humoured, but also demanding of participants and very focused on producing results. His work is of a high quality and deliverables arrive on time. Our experience is that he is able to work with a broad range of stakeholders and personalities ranging from church leaders to technical advisors, and excels at identifying both key issues to address and helping to find solutions which work. We will work with Thomas again when the opportunity arises. Maria Immonen, Director LWF/ World Service

Lewinsky Coaching & Consulting

I've have worked with Thomas on several occasions, in his capacities as a strategic planning consultant, change management expert, facilitator and coach - all in an international environment. In all, he displays high professionalism and technical skills. Importantly he is an extremely good listener, able to take in and make sense of highly diverse ideas coming from many cultural backgrounds. He has a great passion for the non-profit world and principles, whilst maintaining a corporate sense of "get-the-job-done" effectiveness. Yes, I'd recommend him! Donna Lusti, Manager Governance, Ethics and Compliance, WWF International